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Auto Accident FAQ

A lawsuit must be filed in the appropriate state or federal court within ordinarily a three year statute of limitations.Vermont does not have no-fault insurance with respect to auto collisions.You can bring a claim against your own insurance company if the driver who hit you has no (or inadequate) insurance.You can submit a workers comp claim with your employer and/or also sue the party responsible for injuring you if that party is someone other than your employer.The statute of limitations is ordinarily, but not always, three years.Depending on the complexity of the claim, 6 to 24 months.You must file suit in the state or federal court that has jurisdiction over the accident.You will want to wait until you have made a complete recovery before resolving your claim.It should not but there are no guarantees.Will an initial consultation cost me anything?
No. we would be happy to discuss your claim with you at no cost to you.
That will depend on the seriousness of the accident, the extent of your injuries and damage to your vehicle, whether you missed time from work, and whether you are left with a permanent injury.Attend to your injuries first and focus on getting well. Photograph and document your injuries, damage to your vehicle, and all medical and out of pocket expenses. Preserve as much evidence of the collision as you can.Make sure you get the name of the driver and the operator of the trucking company.Yes. You may be able to have them pay initial medical bills, property damage to your car, and the cost of a rental vehicle.Yes, as soon as possible, if there is any chance of the need for immediate medical care or the risk of residual, delayed, whiplash type injury.Yes. They will help collect and gather evidence to assist in proving your claim later. You may also be required by law to fill out a report of the incident.Whoever failed to operate their vehicle safely according to the rules of the road.You can submit a claim to your own insurance company.You can present a claim against the company responsible for manufacturing, distributing, selling, or installing the part.

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