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Windham County Attorney Assists Personal Injury Victims

Brattleboro firm secures compensation for people hurt by negligence

When you’ve been hurt by another person’s negligence, there’s usually just one chance to collect the compensation you’re entitled to under Vermont law. At Kramer Law, P.C. in Brattleboro, I litigate on behalf of injured victims in Windham County and the surrounding area so that they can win a favorable verdict or settlement. Since 1994, my firm has represented clients hurt in auto accidents, falls and other types of harmful incidents. I have the litigation skill and local background to review case details and pursue payment for medical costs, lost wages, and all other damages you are entitled to. No matter how complex the case might be, I explain the situation vigorously and challenge powerful interests to get you what you deserve.

Skilled Vermont advocate handles motor vehicle accident claims

Getting hurt in a car crash or some other type of vehicle accident can be overwhelming. It’s often tempting to take the first offer from an insurer so you can move on, but a qualified personal injury attorney will help you maximize your compensation. We handle all aspects of vehicle accident litigation, including:

  • Insurance claims — In Vermont, someone hurt in a collision has the option of filing a claim with their own insurance company, pursuing a third-party claim with the carrier for the driver who was at fault, or filing a lawsuit. I will explain the advantages of each option and advocate for a fair result.
  • Truck crashes — If a commercial vehicle hits you, I can identify whether the federal regulations that govern large trucks and their drivers were violated. Trucking accident cases often involve more than one liable party. When that happens, I will seek payment from each one.
  • Motorcycle accidents — Drivers of cars and trucks frequently fail to honor the road rules that protect motorcycle riders. I present a strong argument so that riders can secure the legal relief they deserve after a harmful crash.
  • Bicycle collisions — Damage from a crash with a motor vehicle can be devastating to someone riding a bicycle. Through a detailed investigation, my firm will find out where the liability belongs in pursuit of your recovery.

Don’t hesitate to secure legal representation to take on insurers and liable parties. My firm offers a initial consultation upon request so you can learn how the law applies in your matter.

Knowledgeable litigator brings cases involving slip and fall injuries

Property owners are required to take reasonable precautions so that people on their premises are not injured. Falls on icy walkways, slick supermarket floors or other surfaces can cause broken bones, back injuries, concussions or other serious medical conditions. My firm reviews all of the circumstances to see if a violation of the owner’s duty of care led to your slip and fall incident. State law even permits victims to recover damages if they bear some fault for the injury as long as they aren’t assigned a majority of the legal responsibility.

Dedicated lawyer seeks financial recovery for harm done at nursing homes

Residents of Vermont nursing homes have the right to be treated with care and kept safe from abuse. Unfortunately, many of the elderly people in these facilities have difficulty communicating the harm that has been done to them. If you suspect that someone you love has been mistreated in a nursing home or some other type of care facility, I have the knowledge and experience to determine what occurred and whether a potential legal claim exists. If the injuries arose from physical abuse, neglect, malnutrition, a fall, failure to move the resident in their bed, or some other violation of professional care standards, I will work tirelessly to hold the wrongdoers accountable.

Proven attorney advises families on wrongful death actions

Any death is a tragedy, but the death of a family member due to someone else’s carelessness or intentional act compounds your grief. Vermont law permits the personal representative of the victim’s estate to file a claim to help address the financial aspect of the loss. Damages are available to cover funeral expenses, income the decedent would have earned through their lifetime, and the companionship that family members have lost forever. Wrongful death lawsuits must usually be filed within two years of the fatal incident, so if you’ve lost someone because of another’s negligence or misconduct, you should seek relief promptly.

Contact an accomplished Vermont injury lawyer for a initial consultation

Kramer Law, P.C. represents Vermont clients in a full range of personal injury actions and wrongful death claims. Please call 802-257-2221 or contact me online to schedule an appointment at my Brattleboro office.

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