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There are many hazards you may encounter at work. Your workplace may be unsafe, with wet or slippery floors, poorly lit or blocked exits, poorly maintained or improperly secured equipment or machinery. You may have inadequate safety gear or you may come into contact with toxic substances.

For job related injuries, your attorney can assist you in securing workers comp benefits. Workers Comp covers medical bills, lost earnings, rehabilitation, and death benefits. You do not need to prove negligence to qualify for benefits, only that your injury or illness was incurred in the course of your employment. But the trade-off is that you cannot sue your employer for negligence. This is limiting because workers comp does not cover other claims, like for pain and suffering, and for loss of full enjoyment of life.

Under some circumstances, a competent attorney may be able to investigate to determine whether you may bring a claim against a responsible third party to insure you are fully compensated. The classic example would be if you were driving your employer’s truck while on the job and were injured by another driver’s negligence. That would be an example of a situation where you could claim compensation for the non-economic injuries discussed above.

A competent attorney can make sure you are treated fairly by the insurance company and collect from ALL responsible parties.

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