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Dealing with a Bike Accident in Vermont

  Bicycle accidents can turn someone’s world upside down and, sadly, they are far too common of an occurrence in Vermont.  The victim of a bike accident often deals with serious and long term injuries like brain damage, spinal cord injuries and paralysis, broken bones, and unfortunately, even death. As is most often the case, Read More

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What is Required for a Lawful DWI Arrest and Processing in Vermont

In Vermont it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol at a level of .08 or above.  If you have a DWI conviction on your record, you know the profound effects it can have on your daily life and your ability to stay or become employed. Because a DWI Read More

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Do I Have A Vermont Medical Malpractice Case?

An Overview of Medical Malpractice Law in Vermont The large majority of doctors, nurses and hospitals do incredibly important work and try their best to treat each and every patient to the best of their abilities.  In spite of their best work, doctors and nurses are just like everyone else and frequently make mistakes while Read More

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Do You Have a Lawsuit Against Your Employer in Vermont?

If You’ve Been Fired or Treated Poorly By Your Employer, You May Be Able To File A Lawsuit for Damages After someone has been fired or laid off by their employer, the question often arises about whether the firing was done lawfully and whether an employee can sue their employer for an unlawful termination.  The Read More

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Should I Get An Attorney Following My Car Accident In Vermont?

Kramer Law is Here to Represent You in Vermont for Your Car Accident Claim Unfortunately, car accidents are still far too common in the United States. In 2018 alone, nearly 2,000,000 people were injured in car crashes, with over 1,300,000 of those injuries occurring when an inattentive driver collided with another vehicle.[1] Of course, most Read More

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Wide Scale Nursing Home Neglect Troubling In Vermont

KRAMER LAW HERE TO HELP YOU WITH ANY NURSING HOME CONCERNS In February of 2020, the Attorney General of Vermont announced a $740,000 settlement with one of Vermont’s largest nursing home providers after multiple incidents of negligence and neglect were discovered.  In one instance, incorrect food was delivered to a resident who had a respiratory Read More

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Conduct Your Meeting By Zoom

  Kramer Law Office is providing the option to conduct all meetings and consultations remotely via Zoom As reported on recently,  cases of Covid-19 have again surged throughout the state of Vermont with a record 109 cases reported on November 11, 2020.  Responding to the apparent second wave that Vermont is experiencing, Governor Scott ordered Read More

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How to Deal with Uninsured Drivers in Vermont

What Do I Do if the Driver Who Hits Me Has No Insurance? As most of us unfortunately know, a car accident can disrupt your life in financial, emotional, and physical ways.  These issues can become even worse when the collision involves an uninsured or underinsured driver. What to Do After You’ve Been Involved in Read More

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How Long Will It Take? The Steps of a Vermont Lawsuit

What Does a Lawsuit Look Like in Vermont?  Kramer Law Office Can Help You Each Step of The Way.   Commencing a lawsuit can be a daunting and mysterious task.  Many people who are thinking about filing a lawsuit may think of a scene in a movie where a plaintiff is yelled at and embarrassed Read More

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IF YOU WERE ABUSED AS A MEMBER OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA KRAMER LAW OFFICE  CAN HELP YOU FILE YOUR CLAIM FOR THE HARM YOU ENDURED If you were a victim of abuse while a member of The Boy Scouts of America, a Federal Court judge has set the deadline of 5 p.m. on Read More

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